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The QRL Documentation

Welcome to the Quantum Resistant Ledger documentation! These doc's aim to be the central source of information for the QRL for all topics from using the base tools to building on the project. Whether you are developing a new project or simply understanding the basics this is the source.

The docs are broken into 3 main categories, Use, Build , and API. These sections aim to guide a users, developers, and everyone in between through the project from basic functionality into more advanced topics like API usage and Extended XMSS HyperTree creation.


If you don't find all you need from these docs, please join us in our Discord Server for more direct help.


Contributions welcome and appreciated!

This site is in 30% status and needs additional input and work! Use the links to edit any document in Github, sign in and make your changes. For in-depth contributions, fork the documentation repo and branch your changes to get started, or see us in the QRL Discord server.